Shopify API will change, important to download the latest version before the first of April!

Redesign of the customer data and sync

- It now supports the synchronizing of all the customers from Shopify to BC, not only the customers on the order. But this is also possible.
- It also supports to synchronization of the customers from BC with an e-mail address to Shopify. Shopify can than send an invitation mail to the customer.

Redesign of products data and sync.

- The Shopify tables in BC will now map exactly to the Shopify structure.
- Variants with more than 1 option can now be sync to BC. The sync can also create a new variant in BC if it is necessary.
- Images can now also be sync from Shopify to BC
- When you sync items from BC to Shopify, it will first try to find an existing product in Shopify base on your setup. If it is found, a mapping is created, otherwise a new product is created in Shopify.


- It is now possible to have more than 1 inventory active in Shopify and it's mapped to a Location in BC. You can also enable which inventory is active in the inventory sync from BC to Shopify.

Better speed of synchronization jobs

- With the redesign of the customers and the product structure, it will now only synchronize when something is changed.
- When sending data from BC to Shopify it will only send the changed fields to Shopify.
- Images and Stocks aren’t sync anymore with the product sync, but they have their own sync jobs.
- The stock synchronization gets first the inventory from Shopify that has changed since the last sync. Then it calculates the BC stock for that inventory. If there is a difference it will be send to Shopify.
- When syncing images from BC to Shopify, it will calculate a hash code of the image. If this hash code is different than the last time, the image will sync to Shopify. In the other direction, only images with a different id will sync from Shopify to BC.
- Order sync will only sync orders from Shopify to BC that are changed or new since the last sync.
- Every synchronization from Shopify to BC can reset its last sync date. This gives you the possibility to resync all from Shopify to BC.

Customization apps on Scaptify

- There are many events created for partners to hook up his code, so the partner can change the data in flow.

Implementing the latest Shopify api version 2020-01

Several bugfixes are solved

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